Oriori no Uta : Poems for All Seasons とは


Oriori no Uta: Poems for All Seasons」では、ジャニーン・バイチマン氏が翻訳した英文の「折々のうた」を紹介します。言葉の壁をも超えた詩歌の世界をお楽しみください。(毎月2つのコラムを紹介します。)

※2002年に講談社インターナショナルから発売された『対訳・折々のうた―Poems for All Seasons』から著者・訳者の了承を得て転載しています。無断転載はご遠慮ください。

About Poems for All Seasons

Every day for 29 years from 1979 to 2007, Makoto Ōoka’s Oriori no Uta appeared as a poetry column on the front page of the Asahi Shimbun newspaper. Each day he chose a short poem or a few lines from a longer one, then explained why he found it appealing and commented on any difficult words or phrases. His aim, he wrote, was to create a kind of “storehouse” of poetry of all kinds, “open to everyone,” a loosely linked “tapestry of words.” The columns were so popular that they were compiled into a series of books, which in turn became bestsellers. On the Poems for All Seasons page, we introduce Oriori no Uta as translated by Janine Beichman. The two columns will be appearing every month.

※Reprinted from Poems for All Seasons(2002) by courtesy of the author and the translator. All rights reserved.



コロンビア大学で東アジア言語文化の博士号を取得。大東文化大学名誉教授。著書に評伝Masaoka Shiki:His Life and Works(正岡子規の生涯と作品)、Embracing the Firebird:Yosano Akiko and the Birth of the Female Voice in Modern Japanese Poetry(与謝野晶子と現代日本詩歌における女性の声の誕生)、英語による能Drifting Fires(大岡信和訳:『漂炎』)ほか。訳書に大岡信のBeneath the Sleepless Tossing of the Planets(『1972-1989詩選集』)とPoems for All Seasons(『対訳・折々のうた』)がある。

About the Translator

Janine Beichman (PhD, Columbia University) is professor emerita of Daito Bunka University. She has published the literary biographies Masaoka Shiki:His Life and Works and Embracing the Firebird:Yosano Akiko and the Birth of the Female Voice in Modern Japanese Poetry, as well as the original Noh play Drifting Fires (translated by Makoto Ōoka as Hyōen). Her translations of Makoto Ōoka include Beneath the Sleepless Tossing of the Planets and Poems for All Seasons.

Janine Beichman