Oriori no Uta : Poems for All Seasons

From valleys deep

with evergreens

the mountain springs arise

Let my life be as fresh forever

and as new as these

Imai Kuniko

From Mudasaki-gusa(Purple Grasses, 1931). Maki “evergreens,” means evergreen trees prized as timber , such as cypress and cedar. Yamamizu no, “mountain springs,” is short for yamamiu no yō ni, “like the mountain springs.” The poem is a prayer: Like the water that wells up from the deep valleys in the evergreen mountains, let there well up here (within my body) a life always filled with new breath. Many poems praise nature by concerns, a theme witch can easily become banal; but something about this poem’s ripely swelling cadence it apart.

真木ふかきmaki fukaki谷よりいづる山水のtani yori izuru yamamizu no常あたらしき生命あらしめtsune atarashiki inochi arashime

今井邦子(いまい くにこ)