Oriori no Uta : Poems for All Seasons

The waterfall rushes

down over rocks and nearby

the small bracken

have put forth their shoots――

It is spring!

Prince shiki 亜米利加 アメリカ

The first poem of the Man’yoshu, Scroll 8, this famous poem about spring has long been loved. Iwabashiru describes water rushing down over rocks. Tarumi is a waterfall. Near a waterfall that rushes down over rocks, new bracken has just begun to put out to the fields. Prince Shiki was the son of Emperor Tenji. There are only six poems by him in the Man’yoshu, but his relaxed and expansive style shows he was a natural poet. This poem was later included, with a few small changes, in the Shinkokinshū.


mizubashiru tarumi no no ue no


sawarabi no moeizuru haru ni


narinikeru kamo