Oriori no Uta : Poems for All Seasons

Dog’s fleas

jump off

into the cold sand

Saitō Sanki

From Kyō(Today,1952). Sanki was a popular haiku poet while alive, and even after his rather early death at the age of 61, in 1962, he has continued to attract many devoted readers. The delightful flavor of his autobiographical writings is one reason for his popularity, but his haiku are uneven in quality. It is not unusual to find a commonplace poem sitting insouciantly next to an inspired one. This poem dates from just after the end of World War ll. It must be a mixture of reality and fantasy; it is chilly and funny. One of Sanki’s best poems from this period.

犬の蚤inu no nomi寒き砂丘にsamuki sakyuu ni跳び出せりtobidaseri

西東三鬼(Saitō Sanki)