Oriori no Uta : Poems for All Seasons

In the mountain village

my ears know only

the voice of the pines

 windless days

are lonely

Ōtagaki Rengetsu

From Ama no Karumo (The Fishergirl’s Seaweed). A tanka poet, Rengetsu was born in Kyoto in 1791 and died 1875, aged 84. Her four children all died young, and after she being widowed at 30 she became a Buddhist nun. As a means of livelihood she made pottery, a craft she had taught herself. The artistry of her work, as well as her many talents and her beauty, brought her great renown. He disliked visitors drawn only by vulgar curiosity, however. To find peace  and quiet, she moved about from place to place in the Kyoto area, living simply. The elegance of her unadorned style and the deep peace of poems leave a lasting impression.

山里はYamasato wa松の声のみききなれてmatsu no koe nomi kikinarete風ふかぬ日は寂しかりけりkaze fukanu hi wa sabishikarikeri