Oriori no Uta : Poems for All Seasons

Autumn breeze

Come, string a bow of

Unavarnished wood!

Mukai Kyorai

An autumn poem from Wild Fields in the Bashō Shichibu Shū. Kyorai was one of Bashō’s closest disciples.  Elegant, gentle, and also hard working, he was accomplished in the martial arts. A bow of unvarnished wood, not even wound about with rattan― to its whiteness, fresh as the autumn breeze, he attached a bowstring, and with intense pleasure aims straight at the target. In oart because it hints at the author’s own personality, this because Kyosai’s best known poem. When Natsume Sōseki taught high school in Kumamoto, Terada Torajiko, then his student but later to become a scientist and also a member of Sōseki’s literary circle, asked advice on how to compose haiku. Sōseki gave this poem as an example pg what the beginner should strive for.

秋風やAkikaze yaしらきの弓にshiraki no yumi ni弦はらんtsuru haran