Oriori no Uta : Poems for All Seasons

The stars have already


Their autumn eyes

Ozaki Kōyō

From Kō Sanjin Haiku Shū, 1904. This was the first collection of Kōyō’s haiku to be published. It was compiled after his death in 1903, bu Segawa Sozan, who arranged the poems by season. The poem above comes under “Autumn begins,” which is August. At this time og the year the days are still hot, but at night, under the light of the stars, one senses a change in the air. The poem archives a sensation og real freshness by read widely in Western literature; this poem has the vibrancy of Western Romantic poetry.

星既にHoshi sude ni秋の眼をaki no manako woひらきけりhirakikeri