Oriori no Uta : Poems for All Seasons

Peony petals fall,

Pile up__

Two or three


From Buson Kushū. The effect of the poem as a whole makes one want to read the third character as chitte. Even so, chitte has its own attractions. The  Chinese called the peony, with its large blossoms, the emperor of flowers; and from the 17th century on, the Japanese cultivated it devotedly as an ornamental flower. The firmness with which he writes uchikasanaru / nisanpen(pile up― / two or three) is the mark of craft. It captures perfectry both aspects of the fallen petals ― their heroic purity and their sensual charm.

牡丹散てbotan chirite打ちかさなりぬuchi-kasanarinu二三片ni san pen