Oriori no Uta : Poems for All Seasons

Morning aches with resin’s scent
Various lost dreams,
Forests whistle in the wind

Nakahara Chūya

From Yagi no Uta (Goat Songs, 1934). The third stanza of a fourteen-line poem in the literary language called “Asa no Uta” (Morning Song). The author himself saw this work as his poetic beginning. When he wrote it he was 19. The poem as a whole depicts a young man lying in bed, just awake, and the sights, sounds and smells that come to him from the outer world. It is permeated with the melancholy that already identified this young poet. And yet he writes “Morning aches with resin’s scent,” a line which has the self-assertive energy of youth.

樹脂(Jushi)(no)(ka)(ni) (asa)(ha)悩まし(nayamashi) うしなひし(Ushinaishi) さまざま(samazama)(no)ゆめ(yume,)、 森竝(Morinami)(wa)、 (kaze)(ni)鳴る(naru)かな(kana)

中原中也(なかはら ちゅうや)

『山羊の歌』(昭九)所収。「朝の歌」と題する文語十四行詩第三連。作者自らが認めた詩的出発の作だった。当時作者は十九歳。一編全体は、寝床で目覚めたばかりの少年の視覚・聴覚・嗅覚にとらえられた外界の印象をえがきつつ、早くも少年詩人を染め上げている生の憂愁を歌っている。それでも「樹脂の香に 朝は悩まし」。若い生命力の自己主張がそこにはあった。