Oriori no Uta : Poems for All Seasons

Let me die in the spring
the cherry blossoms
  in the Second Month
  when the moon is full

Saigyō Hōshi

Shinkokinshū, Miscellaneous 2. This is one as Saigyō’s most famous poems, but during the process of compilation it was removed from the Shinkokinsyū and remained only in a variant edition. Kisaragi no Mochizuki no koro means the full moon of the fifteenth day of the second lunar month, which correspond to late March in the solar calendar. This would be the peak of the cherry blossoms that Saigyō loved so much, as well as the day of the Buddha’s death and entrance into nirvana. It was natural for Saigyō, who was a Buddhist monk, to hope to die on that day, but surprisingly enough, he actually did die on the sixteens day of the second lunar month, 1190.